Camping Les Oyats, 272 Digue Verte, 62215 Oye Plage     Tel 03 21 85 15 40


To Find Site:- If approaching site from Calais leave the A16 at junction 20 and about 1 kilometre turn right onto D940 and continue to Oye Plage, at traffic lights turn left and continue to T junction and turn left and follow signs to campsite in about 3 kilometres. If approaching site from the direction of Dunkerque on the A16, exit at junction 21 ( this road is a bit twisty and uneven but it is not a problem in terms of width) At traffic lights in Oye Plage cross the D940 and then follow as above.










Camping Les Oyats is a little off the beaten track, two miles from Oye Plage and 14 miles from Calais. The site is open from the 1st of May to the end of September. Not much English is spoken at Reception and I think they assume everyone is French unless you tell them otherwise!

The site comprises of about 160 pitches which are all individually hedged but only about 10 to 15% of these seem to be available as touring pitches and these are not necessarily situated in the best places, i.e. next to take away, or volley ball court, etc. So with a lot of French youngsters, particularly at weekends, on site they are not always the most quiet pitches. The rest are made up of static's which in true French fashion range from caravans that have seen better days to really top notch mobile homes with lovely gardens. The site does have a sense of community even if this is only shared by the French permanent campers but they do appear to be friendly. The strange thing about this site is that it enjoys really good quality facilities with no less than 3 toilet blocks, all to a very high standard. It seems a lot of money has been spent to update the site. For some reason the showers only seem to be available for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.  I could not find a chemical disposal point but by a strange coincidence one was being constructed the weekend of our visit! There is a wonderful children's play area and there is a nice looking swimming pool there are also other facilities like basket ball, TV lounge,  an indoor table tennis/community hall. There is no site shop but tradesmen do call, bread in the morning and others including an Ice Cream van, Local supermarkets are not too far away. The site has direct access to a lovely beach onto the English Channel. Being so close to the sea does mean that it can be very windy here.

Would I recommend Les Oyats, sorry to sit on the fence but yes and no. For a one or two night stay there are better sites locally, Chateau de Gandspette and Le Bien Assise spring to mind. Les Oyats does not have the advantage of being cheaper than the rest, fees are on a par with these two sites and they accept either Camping Cheques (Gandspette) or Touring Cheques (Bien Assise) which makes them more economic out of the main season. If you could find a nice quiet pitch then an enjoyable stay could be had. In my view the management of the site need to make up their mind where their market is, at the moment they are trying to have their cake and eat it. If they could set aside an area of about 30 touring pitches, away from the noise of activities they could build up a loyal following and it does have the advantage that its less than half an hour from Calais. Date of visit, early July 2004.