Cambridge 2023

Sunday 16th July. We are off to Cambridge today, to the C&CC site on the west side of the City. We tend to alternate between the sites of the two Clubs. With it only being 50 miles from home and with the 13.00 hours arrival curfew there is usually a lot of hanging around at home. We are obviously getting a bit careless with our departure regimes as I forget to plug in the dash cam!  

It is a well-worn route from MK to Cambridge and in recent years we have tended to use the Junction 13 to A1 dual carriageway on the A421. In the past we went via Chicheley Hill and Stagsden to Bedford on the A422. With several new roads opening in the area, it’s possible to  bypass much of the main route which we rejoined south of Bedford and this was today’s route. Before we got to the Black Cat roundabout on the A1, we stopped at a parking area to basically, while away some time so as not to arrive too early. On the road again and rest of the journey uneventful and we arrived at the site at about  four minutes past one. We quite like the C&CC site as its nice and open and this time we have a pitch not far from the entrance. Interesting that the last time we were here in 2019 the price is virtually the same which given everything that has happen in that time is quite remarkable?

Monday 17th July. Weather better than predicted, at least no rain and quite sunny most of the time. We wandered down to the Scotsdale Garden Centre this morning. We had a coffee and a scone in their restaurant and noticed that where their plants are normally sold from is being demolished ahead of reconstruction. So, whilst they still had a good selection of plants it was more restricted than normal. On the way back to the van we called into the little general store for a few bits. Interesting to note that  two walls of the shop were taken up with booze, perhaps a lot of student accommodation roundabouts? In the afternoon we actually got the outdoor chairs out! Last time we were here in 2019 we actually experienced record temperatures which we found a bit much so enjoyed the cooler weather.

Tuesday 18th July. We decided to take the bus into Cambridge today. Traffic into the city seemed manic and the place was crowed beyond comfort. Headed into the Grand Arcade and had lunch in John Lewis. Afterwards had a wander around the shopping centre but as the day was both overcast and humid, we soon decided to head back to the campsite. At least our bus passes saved us £8 which almost paid for lunch! The campsite seems pretty full most nights. Nice to see a fair number of European plates on site. I think their summer holidays are a bit earlier than ours.

Wednesday 19th July. Very lazy day today.  Weather not been so good  with a lot of cloud and some rain. Campsite not quite so busy today but still fairly full. Our last day here and off home tomorrow.

Thursday 20th July. Time for the journey home which basically retraced our journey here. One point of excitement verging on the potential disaster was whilst driving along the A428 near Cambourne when, suddenly a Deer appeared on the edge of the road but fortunately decided to disappear back from where he came. Had he not done that I think we would have had a dead deer and a badly damaged motorhome! Otherwise, the journey was uneventful and we arrived home around midday.