Camp Municipal Navarre, Boulevard De Lattre De Tassigny, 52200 Langres, Tel 03 25 87 43 61

To find site:-  Approach from any direction and follow 'Centre Ville' signs and the site is well signed in the town. Although from a distance the approach looks very steep access is easy.
This is a useful site for an overnight stop when going north or south through France being about 320 miles south of Calais.

The Reception Office on this site is only manned for part of the day, between 5.00pm and 9.00pm during our visit. It is therefore accepted that you site yourself and pay when the man arrives at the office. There are several grass pitching areas but as a consequence of the site not being manned permanently campers can pitch a little haphazardly. There is also a tarmac area which could be used by motor caravans. A long electrical lead maybe necessary. Early arrival might be needed in high season as the site fills up from mid afternoon. This site has a superb location situated on the ramparts of the walled town giving lovely views out over the surrounding countryside. Mind you it can be a bit windy. There is one central toilet/shower block. These are kept clean but all but two of the toilets are of the Turkish style. (It is some years since our visit to this site and I understand that both the toilet block and reception area has recently been upgraded) The town is right outside the entrance of the campsite. It looks as if you can walk round the walls of the town directly from the site. My one reservation about this site is that there is public access through the site from the ramparts and so therefore it is something of a thoroughfare. As the site is not always manned I think extra care needs to be taken with belongings. In fact there is a notice on the reception wall advising visitors not to leave equipment outside unattended.