Sunday 3rd September. It seems quite a while since we have been away but in reality, it is only five weeks. The weather forecasters have suggested that the next week will be a sort of Indian Summer which seems like a bonus. We set off from MK just before 11.00am and we are heading for Glastonbury. Not because we are hippy’s or taking a leaf out of the Scott McKensie playbook but just as a base for exploring that area. The journey, was in the main, over familiar territory. A stop was made at Bicester to fill up with fuel and then onto Oxford where fears of massive delays proved unfounded. Across country to Swindon and the M4 with a stop at Leigh Delamere services for a human refuelling stop. I quite like this Service Station as the retailing divides the car parking from the lorry parking so there is no long walk to get a coffee.

Back on the road again and heading out towards the M5 south. Slightly slow between the M32 and the M5 but otherwise OK. Fearing the sat nav would take us all over place we were prepared to follow our pre- defined route with Atlas in hand. We left the M5 at junction 23 towards Glastonbury and Wells on the A39. Like a lot of UK secondary roads, the route varied between a well spec’d road and a country lane! We were heading for the Isle of Avalon campsite in Glastonbury. Unfortunately, not too well signed and no POI on the sat nav! Eventually we found a sign and soon arrived at the campsite. It had been a long, hot, journey of 160 miles and we were glad to set up camp

Monday 4th September. For a change the weather forecasters are right. Temperatures more associated with the South of France have hit us. I had it all planned out what we would do during our four night stop here but when we tried to walk into Glastonbury today it was so hot and uncomfortable, we turned round and came back to the van. Margaret is struggling a bit at the moment with back/hip/knee problem. She has had a scan but we are awaiting the results. Pointless forcing yourself to do something when it makes you feel worse!

Had a look round the site today.  The beauty of it is its closeness to the town and the transport  links. Quality wise OK, pitches seem and bit close together and there are a lot of seasonal vans which I never feel add to the ambience   of a campsite but perhaps that is just me. There is obviously a keen gardener with something to do with the site as the flowers outside the toilet block are superb. Strangely the site seems to attract what might be described as older hippies if the hair styles are anything to go by! From the entrance of the site, you have a clear view of Glastonbury Tor which can be reached from the town. Any slim chance that either of us would have been tempted to climb up have somewhat evaporated with the hot weather!

Tuesday 5th September. We have made the decision today to cut the trip short as Margaret is continuing to have problems with her hip and we feel we need to go home to get the results of her recent scan. We will stay here and leave on Thursday as planned. It’s a shame but pointless trying to go on when you have difficulty moving.

Wednesday 6th September. Another blisteringly hot day, it’s been late twenties all the time we have been here. Margaret managed a walk around the site today but the heat is energy sapping, not quite what we expected for early September. As we have sat around for most of our time here, we have done a lot of observing, perhaps not such a good idea? I noticed that the majority of outfits are of the older variety compared to say a CMC site. Is there a divide I wonder? This campsite hire out wood burners to campers. Not sure how much but they come supplied with the materials needed. Why in this blistering heat anyone would want to use one I have no idea but of course someone had to! Some people clearly only think of themselves and regardless of how hot it was with everyone needing to keep windows and roof vents open someone wants a fire pit. Fortunately,  by the time we went to bed most of the smell had dissipated so we were able to reopen vents. A few years ago we had a MaxxFan installed which is operated by 12v and either sucks air in or out and it has proved invaluable. We can even leave it on overnight as on the lower speeds it is quite quiet.

Thursday 7th September. We were not looking forward to a long journey in this heat, although of course, we had the advantage of cab air conditioning which will make us more comfortable. Good progress was made and the only slight delay was around Bristol where the M32 goes off. Another stop at Leigh Delamere. Slightly different layout from the other side but we found a shady shot under some trees. Likewise on the outward journey we were concerned about Oxford but again it proved OK albeit a little on the slow side. You can now bypass Bicester to the west of the town. Trouble was that two sections around this bypass there was a road closed sign! Why not put this on the main road? Having done a tour of the town we got back on track and were soon back in MK. Filled up with fuel, over 30 miles to the gallon, so not bad, never got that towing!