We first went to France in 1987. Since then we have visited many countries in Europe and the Blogs below record many of our adventures. Until this year we had always been caravanners but after 30 odd years we decided that we would have a change to a Motorhome. Our latest Blog tells the story of our first long trip with this alternative mode of transport and details some of the differences between the two which might be of interest to anyone thinking of doing the same. For a more detailed look at our decision to change have a look here

Our last trip to Europe was on 2016. As we have got older, we are both in our mid seventies now, we have started to realise that we are not able to do as much as we once could and it seems unlikely the we will venture abroad with our motorhome in the future, although we are still touring in the UK. Unfortunately Brexit has not helped. Whilst we started touring well before the EU was established, in its current form, the years prior to 2016 made it easy with minimum obstacles in the way of travel.  We have travelled far and wide in Europe and we have seen and experienced more than most and we will always treasure what we managed to achieve. As far as the website is concerned this section won't be updated but I will leave it here as it might provide inspiration and suggestions for others who might follow in our footsteps. Always happy to hear from people if they have found the Blogs useful and of course we are always happy to receive any updates.

Year Details
2016 In Search of Edelweiss, We actually got to Austria this time, starting in Salzburg and then south via Villach and Graz to Vienna and back along the Danube Valley
2015 Don’t Bring the Camembert Home!  First trip abroad for two and a half years. Heading initially to the S of F via the Loire Valley and making our way home via Carcassonne, Montech and Limoges
2013 Neither Here Nor There  A trip where we intended to tour Austria which proved to wet so we headed for the South of France, our first long trip with our Motorhome
2012 Arrivederci Roma A 9 week trip down through German and Austria to Italy taking in Venice, Lake Trasimeno and Rome.

French Leave  A late summer, early Autumn trip to the South of France returning via the Dordogne and Loire

2011 Baltic Byways  An 8 week trip to the Baltic Coast of Germany returning via Berlin
2010 Meander through Western France  A 7 week trip including the Loire, Ile d'Oleron, St Emilion, Dordogne and Northern France.
2009 The Italian Blog A return to Italy after a gap of 9 years and return via Austria and Germany.

Autumnal France A 6 week journey south via Paris, Loire, south of Clermont Ferrand to the Mediterranean coast at Agde and then into Spain, returning via Carcassonne, Dordogne, St Aignan, Amiems and finally Licques near Calais

2008 Germany Calling 2008 An eight week trip going through Belgium, Holland and into German and then as far east as Berlin and as far south as the Bodensee and lots more.
2007 Serendipity Switzerland How a last minute change leads to us spending more time in Switzerland than originally planned as well as France en route.

September in Northern France A return visit to Normandy and Brittany after a gap of 20 years.

2006 Back to the South of France, a story of our trip to Serignan Plage with our return trip via Millau and the new bridge, plus a trip to Monet's Garden at Giverny.

Go West young man, or at least to the Il de Re on the French Atlantic coast in September with stays at some nice campsite en route.

2005 Monte Carlo or Bust The story of our trip to Monaco to see our son, Simon and attend the Grand Prix and our associated adventures

Germany a three week trip from Calais into Holland and then down through Germany to near the Swiss border and then back via the Romantische Strasse and Neckargemund before crossing back into France and staying at Verdun overnight on our way back to Calais.

2004 Germany a 10 day trip to the Eifel region and Rüdesheim, staying briefly at Oye Plage on the way back to Calais

France a three week trip to the South of France via St Honore les Bains with visits on the way back to Meursault and Val de Vestle.

2003 Holland and Belgium Diary  A 10 day trip in June 2003 staying at campsites in Delft and Gent.

France, Doubs Region and Mediterranean Our annual 3 week holiday stopping in the relatively undiscovered Doubs Region of France before moving on the coast at Le Grau du Roi.

2002 Ten Weeks in France Details of a trip we took around France for 10 weeks during 2002.

The Route South  Planning your journey to the Mediterranean with general information and details of campsites en route to the South of France. November 2016, I have updated this page to include maps and lists of campsites en route. Over the years the route via Rouen and the A75 south of Clermont Ferrand has become more popular with caravanners and Motorhomers so I have added this route to this page.

For those venturing to Europe for the first time and might be worried about stories of different electrical systems "over there" you might find this guide to how I have found things over the years http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/european_electrics.html

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